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Monday, August 10, 2009
The last 48 hours of 28...

I don't know when it started, but I don't really celebrate my birthday, my own birthday, with the happiness and gratitude that one should have for having survived another year on this Earth. In a bout 2 minutes (from this line), the last 48 hours before the Earth will have been able to go around the sun for exactly 10589 days since I was born will commence.

Well look at that. It just started. 48 hour count down to my birthdate.

I really don't know how many people will be reading THIS blog, but I'll be cross posting. Because I'm generous like that. I love sharing.

I have mixed feelings about this year. About this life in general. What have the past 29 years of my life amounted to so far? I won't enumerate here. While my pessimistic, depressive side will count the years in disappointments and trials and tribulations, I would like to hope that there's an equal or greater than amount of good things that have happened to and have happened because of me in the same amount of time.

I end this entry with 47 hours 40 minutes left. Good night all. :)

cross-posting via FB and blogspot... dear readers, time to take the leap, :)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Christmas Wish List (part1)... yes, in January

Ok. I didn't quite get to do this last December, which might explain certain gifts I wound up receiving (won't be naming names or gifts or anything, you know that if you gave me anything, I appreciate the thought.). However, for next Christmas, I think I ought to start early. So, for those who might already be feeling generous and want to shower me with love towards the end of this year, a peek at one of, what might as well be, Santa's Warehouse could help narrow things down.

I am a mess. Well, not really. But my organizational skills, as far as my things are concerned, need, well... lets just say I don't think I have any organizational skills. My bag's a mess (I once misplaced and forgot the contents of quarter of a bag of raisinets in my bag, only to notice in the middle of a lecture at school). My room's a mess... While I will often say in my defense that it's "organized mess", might as well admit it. Who am I kidding? :) 80% of the stuff in my room are just dust-gatherers. Dear mementos and symbols of precious memories, yes, but definitely dust-gatherers. My closet's a mess too. I need a closet organizer... *sigh*.

I haven't been getting enough sleep lately... for maybe the past few years. I love my bed and my pillows but sometimes I wonder if I've grown, um... too old / big for them. While I've received pillows as gifts over the past few years, maybe holding on to all of them at the same time and forcing them to fit on my current bed isn't helping me. So what I'm saying is, help me re-outfit my bedroom! Or, at the very, very least, help me stop snoring. I think I need a therapeutic pillow.

I am a pack-rat, as evidence by the mess mentioned above. I am also a data-pack-rat, meaning I have difficulty deleting files I know I don't need anymore, or think I might need at some future time... basically, I'm saying I need external storage. While this is something I know I might wind up purchasing myself, if I haven't by the end of the year and you're still shopping for ideas, this might be, and will always be a welcome option. External hard drives and other external media storage gifts will be well appreciated.

Anyway, that's enough for today. I've work early tomorrow so I've to hit the proverbial hay. :) Happy New Year everyone.

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Happy New Year!

I know it's about 19 days late but I think I'd better get it done and over with while it's still January... technically though, I'm 5 days early, if we're going by the Chinese calendar. Hehe.

Anyway, so here it is. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Another year has gone so fast, with very few entries and those far between each other.

I don't want to make any promises for this coming, as I know, like most New Year's Resolutions, I'm going to wind up nixing them.

Quick updates on my own life, if you don't already know:

  • I've upgraded to a DSLR (Olympus E410) and said good bye to my ever reliable point and shoot (C-8080).
  • I was promoted twice last year, from Facilities Manager to Central Facilities Manager (don't hold your breath on the libre - magastos ang buhay ngayon hehe).
  • I am still very much in love with the love of my life. :)
  • Several dear friends, and a relative have gotten married and allowed me to take photos at their wedding (cheap wedding photog here *cough cough*).

I dunno what else. :)

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! :D

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Too Much Ketchup / Catsup

Random blog entry. The following thoughts entered my mind as I was having my late lunch (fried meatballs with ketchup, plus rice) after working out at Slimmer's World in SM Megamall...

Just how much ketchup is too much ketchup?

A friend and I drove through a Jollibee one time on the way home after work since we hadn't been able to eat anything while on our shift. If you know me at all you know that I'm ketchup crazy. I usually ask for about 6 extra sachets in addition to whatever they dump in the bag whenever I order a large fries. Anyway, said friend noticed that I've a habit of sipping a sachet, sometimes the whole thing or at least half of it at a time, then throwing several fries in my mouth after it. At which my nurse friend comments "Di ka naawa sa atay mo? (Don't you feel pity for your liver?)".

So, while eating my fried meatballs with the usual gratuitous amount of ketchup, I started to wonder if, in fact, I was torturing my liver with too much Lycopene.


After a little sleuthing (what you didn't experience while reading this entry is the hour plus I spent looking for "Too Much Ketchup" info and winding up watching CSI on some channel - FOX crime or something I think) it appears that its' the high concentration of sugar in the corn syrup and other sugars that ketchup consists of that could and would be bad for my health.

And while I was planning this entry to be open-ended, well, here it is.

Does this knowledge make me want to cut back on the sauce? Well, seeing as I don't exactly eat ketchup every meal of every day, I think that the binging every so often won't be so bad. :)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
CD Review: Your Universe

After a sabbatical that resulted in his inadvertent independence from one of the most influential bands in Philippine history, Rico Blanco comes out with an album of his own. The album, Your Universe, released under Warner Music Philippines, contains ten tracks of well thought out songs, catchy beats and memorable lyrics. Included in the ten is the clearly epic first single, Yugto.

Personal favorites and memorable lines include the song with the same title of the album, Your Universe, with the line "You can thank your stars all you want but, I'll always be the lucky one."


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Thursday, September 04, 2008
I am 62% geek

Random walangness I got from Yana. :P

62% Geek

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Sites

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Sunday, July 27, 2008
The thing about today...

Well, technically it's the thing about the past few days...

I've been waking up early and sleeping rather late. For reasons that you could find out if you asked me personally, but really, you don't have to as they're entirely uninteresting. :P

All I know is that I haven't been getting as much sleep as I should, nor any rest really.

And then what did I go and do? :P renewed my friendship with vodka. :) Well, that my long missing cousin was in town for a celebratory get together was a good enough excuse to get buzzed, but to get slightly a little less than wasted is another thing all together.

Thankfully though there wasn't any portion of tonight that involved blacking out or projectile vomit.

So it's 3:30AM on Sunday and I've working later today. Thankfully my workday will start at 2:00PM. That gives me about 10 hours to rest and get up and get ready for a new work day.

If I weren't so tipsy, I'd go to sleep right now. My only real fear, aside from waking up in a pool of my own upchuck, is waking up with a monster hang-over as I haven't gotten this drunk in a long time, and longer still with vodka.

Yun lang po.

BTW, if you haven't yet found out, my smart number was recently stolen. Contact me through this blog or through my email addy if you don't know my globe number.

Thanks all...

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Shoes that fit this man...

I haven't noticed, til recently, just how worn my shoes have gotten. I guess I'm like my dad in that respect: I use and abuse my shoes til, well, they give out. Hehe. I'm not one of those people who buy shoes based on style either, nor on trends. I usually go shopping for shoes when I need them. And boy do I need them.

A little backgrounder on me and my experience buying shoes... well, let's just say I've always found it difficult to buy shoes. They're usually too narrow, or there's usually no available size for me. Me and my big fat feet I guess. Which makes, or at least made it hard back in the day, to buy shoes for me. However, with
online shopping sites proliferating as they are of late, you'd think my "hard to find shoes for my feet" excuse a weak one at best.

Currently, I am in need of a good pair high cut shoes. If you've been reading my blog for awhile now, you might know that I've been riding a Honda Wave to and from work as of late to save on gasoline consumption and expenditure. In my mind, this signals a need for good quality 
caterpillar leather boots. That's one of the things I need anyway.

Then there are at least 3 weddings I know I'm going to be at in the coming months and I'm going to need
dress shoes for them. I've an ok pair, I would guess, though I'm sure that if anyone took the time to closely inspect them, they would find them in need of a good shine and repair. Big heavy feet don't contribute to them lasting long.

*SIGH* I wish I had choices like these when I was younger. Even as a young boy,
boy's shoes didn't really fit my feet all that well.

If and when I buy any shoes in the coming months, I'll be blogging about it. Just coz.

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